Moon Landing

Transistors were just beginning to
replace vacuum tubes, and slide
rules were used for calculations.

Slide Ruler
Computers and software in the 1960's
were so crummy that the rocket
scientists would have been better off
with a modern pocket calculator.
A man had to
stand in front of
the machine all
day and crank
the handles to
cut parts.
For example, milling
machines were operated by
hand, which meant that
cutting curved shapes in
metal was extremely difficult.
Computer technology was very primitive in the 1960's
Manufacturing technology was
also very primitive

60s mill
This "Bridgeport" brand
of milling machine was
advanced technology
in the 1960's

Today a person loads a block of metal, pushes the Start button,
and lets the computer cut the part. The computer cuts the part
much faster, and with incredible precision, even curved shapes.
Tool changer
Chips are

modern mill
Tell me one technical
achievement of the past that
we of today cannot do faster,
better, and for less money.
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If Americans could get to the moon with 1960's technology, it would
be easy for us to get to the moon today. However, all nations have
extreme difficultly putting an object into a high Earth orbit.
Furthermore, if Americans
had such incredible
engineering talent, why
can't we make incredible
automobiles, train systems,
and other products?
This lamp blinks when
the part is finished
How did Americans in 1969 do what nobody can do today?
When something happens that has never happened before,
and which has never happened since, (such as fire causing
steel buildings to disintegrate) we should question it.
Perhaps it is because I develop software, and I
cannot write software that works perfectly, I would
want the engineers to prove the equipment and
software works!
They could start by putting animals into Earth orbit.
When they figured that out they could send an
unmanned rocket into moon orbit. When they got
that working, they could send an unmanned rocket
to land on the moon, and then the lunar lander would
fly back to the earth.
However, while NASA did practice putting animals
and people into Earth orbit, they skipped the testing
of the lunar landing and return to Earth!
Considering all the failures and deaths in the space
program, how could engineers send people to the
moon with rockets that had never been tested?
Sure, some astronauts were willing to take the risk,
but it would have made Americans look like jerks if
the astronauts died on the moon because an
untested Lunar Lander didn't work correctly.
The Lunar Lander had Never Been Tested.
Where are the technical specs for the
lunar lander?
For example, the top section blasted
off the moon with how much fuel ?
How did two men live in this tiny module?
Why doesn't NASA provide details on how
they accomplished the miracle of keeping
men alive in an incredibly harsh environment?
Did anybody vomit from the zero gravity of
space? Did the astronauts wear diapers?
The bottom half was a rocket much fuel?? Is NASA
keeping this info a secret? If so, why?
NASA claims that the scientists were 100% confident that
the lunar rocket worked, so there was no need to test it.